Clean Beauty: Shower your skin with natural care

Self-care and clean beauty have gained immense popularity in recent years. However, cosmetic giants take advantage of this emerging trend by influencing skincare enthusiasts to purchase products filled with harmful chemicals, potentially damaging their natural beauty. At Soul Spring, we understand that achieving clean beauty is not just about skin but also about overall well-being. Through doctor-led holistic approaches, Soul Spring provides transformative care for your skin by combining traditional and contemporary therapies, eliminating free radicals and toxins, and reducing stressors.

Skin flourishes with a balanced diet, a healthy gut, and regular exercise. Here are some tips for achieving pristine skin:


Adopt a nutritious diet

Embrace the abundance of vitamins and nutrients in various fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, and even water. A balanced diet directly impacts your gut and other internal organ functions, reflecting positively on your skin. Minimize the intake of processed foods as they are hard to digest and cause inflammation. Instead, choose natural alternatives such as green tea, which help flush out toxins and impart a natural glow to your skin. Likewise, nuts are excellent for bright eyes. Opting for a balanced diet is quintessential for achieving your beauty goals.


Embrace a sound circadian rhythm

The beauty effects of a good night’s sleep are unparalleled, with plenty of benefits for our biological mechanism, including the skin. A well-rested body maintains the right balance and harmony of the autonomic nervous system contributing to mental, emotional, and physical well-being, enhancing your beauty. Moreover, circadian rhythms increase cell repair, regeneration and microcirculation at night to heal the damage caused by daytime aggressions, resulting in comprehensive detoxification and repair of skin cells.


Follow a routine workout

Regularly exercising helps reduce those extra calories and fosters clean skin by opening up pores and expelling dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells. Being physically active enhances blood circulation, bringing increased nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This is vital for new cell development, making your skin appear young, healthy, and radiant while reducing inflammation and blemishes.


Inside Soul Spring’s therapies

While external factors cannot be controlled, our dedicated doctors personalize therapies and plan routines to foster a healthy inner environment, promoting glowing skin. Listed below are a few therapies that Soul Spring utilizes to support a holistic lifestyle and clean beauty:


Matrix detoxification and regeneration

This therapy helps detoxify skin and fight environmental toxins by strengthening the soft connecting tissue in three essential steps. Firstly, the matrix is freed from toxins with direct current treatment. The next step involves repairing the damaged cells through petechial suction, and finally, Bioresonance therapy is used to neutralize toxins.


Nutrition and lifestyle coaching

Eliminate hidden toxins by choosing nutrition-filled foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Our personalized plans identify food items that do not suit you and recommend healthy options that advance your well-being and bring a healthy luster to your skin.



Shirodhara regulates the pituitary gland, relaxes the hypothalamus and improves blood circulation in the brain. This helps release stress, lower anxiety levels and improve sleep quality, promoting the regeneration of skin cells.


IV Nutrition

A bio-individualized IV drip directly provides your body with all the necessary nutrients for better absorption and increased bioavailability.  


Glow from within with Soul Spring’s Oasis and Sanctuary

Soul Spring is driven by non-invasive diagnosis methods and alternative medicine that encourage optimal skin health. Clean beauty, conceptually, revolves around the wholesomeness of natural ingredients and non-invasive therapies, forming the essence of holistic beauty. And this journey to finding healthy skin extends beyond the physical realm and goes to the emotional and mental states as well.

With the mission and vision of cultivating healthy habits, Soul Spring offers wellness programs, like Oasis, Retreat, and Sanctuary, providing various services across timelines and geographies. You can start by generating a bio-individualized wellness report through a short assessment that gauges your health across behavioral and biological functions. Based on your results, our experts can offer you a personalized treatment plan to compensate for all the imbalances and deficiencies.

Detoxification is essential for radiant skin, followed by nourishing the skin with essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, plasma-rich nutrients, amino acids, and exosomes. This allows rejuvenation at the cellular level, helps recover lost vitality, and supports healthy skin and hair while boosting collagen and even-toning skin.

Become a part of Soul Spring, and let us assist you on your journey to clean beauty and overall well-being.

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